The storage tent is available in different versions. You can choose from different options for the wall and the roof. Each use has its own specific properties where the storage tent will have to meet. For example, think about conditioned storage, snow load and/or burglary sensitivity. Most of the times, the storage tent will be placed for long-term. We can advise you at the buying proces of a storage tent. To assist the buying proces, a DEMO storage tent can be seen at our terrain.

Storage Tent Possibilities

The storage tent ( also called storage clearspan tent) with sizes from 5m to 30m can be bought with different side-wall heights

Storage Tent Features

  • Construction calculation till 100 km/h and a certificate canvas during DIN 4102
  • Very fast extra storage space and/or creating extra workspace
  • Storm resistant frame, deliverable with snow load of 25kg/m² and 75kg/m²
  • PVC roof standard made of 600 gr/m² PVC
  • Optional to run with isolated roofs or walls
  • Optional to run with (automatic) doors
  • Can be placed at almost any surface
  • Also suitable for (semi) permanent use
  • Ask for your personal proposal at our quotation page!

Storagetent Can Be Used For

  • Warehouse & storage purposes
  • Hospitality accommodation
  • Showroom for cars
  • Workplace
  • Exhibitions
  • Car and/or Caravan storage
  • Storage tent
  • Luxurious paviliontent
  • (semi) permanent use

More information about your storage tent?

Do you want to receive more information about our storage tents and the different possibilities we could offer? Please contact us to make a noncommittal appointment at our companyterrain. We have several demo tents at our terrain, such as small and large storage tents. Enter the contactpage and make an appointment!

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