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Does your company lack storage space? Due to seasonal fluctuations or rapid growth, a (temporary) lack of business space may arise. Storage tents are an efficient and qualitative solution for this spatial problem.

Kontent Structures specializes in the sales and rentals of storage tents. We can realize a storage tent which is fully adapted to your wishes within a very short period of time at any location you want.


Every project, organization or spatial problem is unique. A storage tent can be adjusted to these specifics. You can choose from various options for both wall- and roof coverings. We are happy to advise you when buying or renting a storage tent.

Storage tent possibilities

A storage tent is always placed as a “free span” construction and is available in many different sizes:


Width: from 5 to 40 m

Length: unlimited extension in 5 m sections

Sidewall height: from 3 m, depending on the type and version possible up to 8 m


The ridge height is determined by the roof shape of the tent construction in combination with the width and side wall height.

Storage Tent Features

  • Storm resistant construction, with structural calculation possible up to 160 km/h
  • Available with snow load up to 75 kg/m²
  • Certificate fire safety PVC canvas according to DIN 4102-B1, M2
  • Very quick realization of extra storage space or workspace
  • PVC roof covers standard made of 600 gr/m² PVC
  • Optionally equipped with isolated roofs and sidewalls
  • Optionally equipped with (automatic) overhead doors
  • Suitable for (semi) permanent use


The above characteristics of course depend on your specific goals and preferences.

Storagetent can be used

  • With seasonal fluctuations
  • Because of growth of a company
  • During renovation or new construction
  • With a calamity or emergency
  • For warehousing
  • As additional work- or production space
  • For bulk storage and / or waste management
  • As car or caravan storage
  • As (semi) permanent housing

Storage tents versus real estate

In principle you will use the necessary real estate for your business space or storage space. However, there may also be a (partly) fluctuating demand for storage capacity due to, for example, seasonal influences or certain uncertainties in the shorter term. Precisely for that part, you need flexibility to use space as efficiently as possible. Having too little space is annoying, but paying for space that is not used is logically also not desirable.


The advantages of a semi-permanent tent accommodation compared to real estate:


  • A semi-permanent accommodation can be realized and operational within a matter of weeks
  • Flexibility with the required space. Reducing or enlarging the surface area, or relocating your accommodation can be realized quickly
  • The licence or municipal permit process is more simple and friendly than with conventional (new) construction
  • Extra space on or near your own site or location, so no additional costs for transportation
  • Ideal when you ‘just` wish to look forward months or years .. not decades
  • Flexible options for rent, purchase and lease
  • Lower ‘overall’ costs than with new construction, with attractive residual value
  • Many choices in terms of design, height and surface

Go for flexibility and efficiency with Kontent Structures.

About Kontent Structures

Kontent Structures is a total supplier of professional event structures and temporary buildings. We are an experienced international and almost completely self-sufficient company.


In-house development, production, assembly and construction of your tent accommodation. Rent, purchase or lease.


The possibilities are endless. With more than 20 years of experience we are happy to advise you on event structures and temporary buildings. We are a SCC* and ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our own team of assembly staff is also personally certified with a SCC certificate. This way we continously monitor and improve our quality and safety.


Which storage tent best suits your project depends on the time frame. Do you need the storage tent for a shorter period or (semi) permanently? We are happy to discuss together what option best fits your specific situation.


We are happy to visit you for a conversation without obligation. Or feel free to visit our company location and discover the world of tents yourself!

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