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Business Solutions

The possibilities of our tent structures are endless! We have been supplying and placing temporary structures for more than 20 years for storage, temporary housing, retail space or showroom.

We also ensure that you are operational again in no time after a calamity.


Whatever your spatial problem may be, we are happy to assist you with finding a suitable logistical solution. If necessary, even within a period of a few days.

Various applications of tent constructions as business solutions

  • Temporary business accommodations
  • Showroom & Shop space
  • Buying and changing room during a shutdown & turnaround
  • Replacement room due to an emergency
  • Temporary housing of refugees
  • Covering of sports facilities
  • Canteen for company, institution or association
  • A camper or caravan storage
  • Conditioned workshop or production area
  • Temporary hangar for aircraft or other large equipment

Dimensions for business solutions

Width: From 5 to 50 m
Length: Unlimited, in 5 m sections
Sidewall height: From 3 m,  up to 8 m, depending on type and model


The ridge height is determined by the structure’s roof shape in combination with its width and side height.


The dimensions mentioned above are standard in our assortment, but at Kontent Structures we like to say: `the sky is the limit`. If you are looking for a customized solution, we recommend that you contact one of our advisors. We are happy to provide you with more information about the deviant options with which we can meet your specific needs.

Optional features for your tent accommodation

Each tent accommodation can be adjusted to your specific wishes and preferences. Below a selection of the possibilities:


  • Heating installation
  • Conditioning and/or ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Glass panels (possible horizonal or vertical)
  • Automatic roller doors or overhead doors
  • Collision protection
  • Safety features

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