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Kontent Structures specialises in creating (temporary) space for your company or organization.


The possibilities of our tent structures are endless! We have been supplying and placing temporary structures for more than 20 years for storage, temporary housing, retail space or showroom.

We also ensure that you are operational again in no time after a calamity.


Whatever your spatial problem may be, we are happy to assist you with finding a suitable logistical solution. If necessary, even within a period of a few days.

Dimensions for business solutions

Width: From 5 to 50 m
Length: Unlimited, in 5 m sections
Sidewall height: From 3 m,  up to 8 m, depending on type and model


The ridge height is determined by the structure’s roof shape in combination with its width and side height.


The dimensions mentioned above are standard in our assortment, but at Kontent Structures we like to say: `the sky is the limit`. If you are looking for a customized solution, we recommend that you contact one of our advisors. We are happy to provide you with more information about the deviant options with which we can meet your specific needs.

Various applications

Our business solutions are widely applicable:


  • Storage space
  • Canteen and changing facilities during shutdown & turnaround
  • Replacement building due to emergency or calamity
  • Temporary housing for refugees
  • Showroom, retail space or restaurant
  • Covering of sports facilities
  • Canteen for company, institution or association
  • Camper or caravan storage parking
  • Conditioned workplace or production space
  • Temporary hangar for aircraft or other large equipment

Optional features for your tent accommodation

Each tent accommodation can be adjusted to your specific wishes and preferences. Below a selection of the possibilities:


  • Heating installation
  • Conditioning and/or ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Glass panels (possible horizonal or vertical)
  • Automatic roller doors or overhead doors
  • Collision protection
  • Safety features

Subsoil of construction location

For business solutions, different types of subsoil can be applicable on site, such as concrete or concrete slabs, asphalt or pavement. It can also be that the surface of the construction site you desire does not (yet) have paving at all; such as grassland, sandy soil or wasteland.

Depending on your specific user preference and type of subsoil, a tent floor can offer a solution. A floor system ensures a robust and flat surface.


Below we list a number of aspects of the different types of subsoil and the associated implications for the use and anchoring of a temporary or semi-permanent tent accommodation:

Paved surface

A location paved with concrete or concrete slabs is ideal to realize a temporary or semi-permanent tent accommodation. This type of surface is perfect with the use of heavy equipment such as forklifts and trucks, and often nice and flat.

Concrete anchors in the concrete slabs allow an effective anchoring of the construction, and anchor rods are not necessary.


Asphalt or paved surfaces are of course also ideal for all forms of activity with light to heavy equipment. Here also the terrain is usually flat.


In this case, the anchoring of a tent accommodation is generally realized with anchor rods. For this, drilling through the asphalt or the roadwork is required. The anchor rods have an impact depth up to 1.5 m, which means that there needs to be caution for subsurface infrastructure. This way damage and problems are prevented.

Tent floor (frames or cassettes)

If your location has grassland or sandy soil as a subsurface, in many cases measures are needed to make the location suitable for activity. Depending on the situation, this can be realized as described under `Paved surface` by installing concrete slabs. When a solid and flat surface is needed, but no heavy equipment such as forklifts need to be used on site; a tent floor can be an ideal option.


With a tent floor; large differences in height can be overcomed by placing a substructure with scaffolding material. This creates a robust and flat floor on which the tent construction can be placed. Inside the tent accommodation you will no longer notice the uneven subsurface.


We have 2 types of tent flooring in our assortment:


Additional information regarding business solutions and safety

At Kontent Structures we have many years of experience in renting out and selling of event structures en temporary buildings to companies, organizations and (sports) associations. All objects are constructed and realized by a team of dedicated and passionate employeems of which most have been employed by Kontent Structures for many years. This ensures a great deal of knowledge and experience.


Kontent Structures has SCC as well as ISO 9001 certifications, meaning we maintain high level procedures for safety, quality and.sustainability. Not only the company as a whole is certified, all our employees are individually are in possession of a personal SCC certificate as well.


All structures have been fully tested and are come with construction calculations according to the standard EN 13782. These calculations apply to the event industry. Our storage tents and semi-permanent structures are designed with calculated snow load in accordance with EN 1991-1-3 (Actions on structures).

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