Clear span tent for spacial problems

An aluminium frame tent structure, or alu-hall is the perfect solution for all your temporary spatial needs. Thanks to its many different sizes and configurations alu-halls are widely used for temporary work space. Alu-halls are always set up clearspan, meaning there are no internal supports or external lines, ensuring you can fully utilize the available floorspace.

Why rent a clear span tent?

  • 100 m² to 10.000 m²
  • Clearspan
  • Flexible rental period
  • Many possible configurations and applications
  • Marquee applications
  • Some possible applications for a Marquee are:


  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Festivals
  • VIP tents
  • Congresses
  • Luxury marquee


  • Sportaccommodation
  • Emergency solutions for calamities
  • Welding tent
  • Storagetent
  • Temperatur controlled storage
  • Cover for infrastructure projects

Is your company’s cafeteria undergoing renovations? Use an alu-hall as a temporary cafeteria, outfitted with hard PVC sidewall panels. These panels give you the feeling of a permanent building. Are you hosting an event and do you need a temporary event venue? Kontent Structures will take care of it for you. We rent out event tent structures in all shapes and sizes.

Marquee dimensions

The width of the structures we supply varies from 3 to 40 meters. The length of the structure can be increased indefinitely in 5 meter segments. The height of the sidewall height is available in 2.3, 3 and 4 meters. Depending on the width and the sidewall height of the structure, the height in the center varies from 3 to 7 meters. You might need a custom made tent structure for your project. For example when the tent structure needs to be a different size than the standard rectangular footprint. Or if the tent structure needs to be connected to existing buildings in a specific way. Our workshop is fully equipped to custom-make tent structures in any imaginable shape or size. Contact us and let us know your specific wishes, we’ll make sure it gets done. All our structures are set up clearspan, meaning there are no internal support posts inside the structure, or lines outside it, allowing you to fully utilize the room inside and outside the structure.

Additional features for a Marquee structure

An alu-hall tent structure can be fitted with the following extras:

  • Doors
  • Automatic and lockable roller doors
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Sandwich panels
  • Guttering
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Heating
  • Temperature control
  • Alarm system

Additional information regarding clear span tent

  • Rapid set-up and disassembly.
  • Over 20 years of experience!
  • Can be connected to existing buildings.
  • Clear span tents for rentals and sales.
  • Terms and conditions apply when hiring or buying a tent structure.
  • A semipermanent tent structure can be rented for a month, a year or several years.
  • Fully tested according to NEN 8020-41.

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