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What is an alu-hall?

Aluhal stands for aluminum tent hall and therefore consists of an aluminum construction. Smaller parts such as base plates and couplings are also made from aluminum or from galvanized steel. Aluminum is much lighter than steel and yet very strong. In addition, aluminum is corrosion resistant and therefore does not rust.

Alu-halls by Kontent Structures

At Kontent Structures we use aluminum halls for almost all different applications: events, business solutions, construction & infrastructure and sports.Are you looking for a high quality professional tent, possibly designed and produced? Buy or rent your aluminum hall directly from the producer! At Kontent Structures we always have more than 10,000 m² of tents, including aluminum halls, in stock. Various aluminum halls are located on our site, so that you can view and assess the quality of our tents yourself. Make an appointment via the contact form to visit us and discover the world of tents

Rent an alu-hall?

Looking for an aluminum hall for extra storage, as business space or an event? We have been renting aluminum halls all over Europe for more than 20 years. Renting an aluminum hall at Kontent Structures means looking for a suitable solution for your spatial problem. We link a practical approach to your wishes and ideas, with attention to your budget. From short to semi-permanent: we install aluminum halls under all conceivable circumstances and in the most special locations. Do you want to rent an aluminum hall, but you don’t have time to arrange it all? In such a case, we also offer complete project care for a turnkey solution.

Buy an alu-hall?

Looking for a demountable, sustainable and affordable alternative for new construction of your storage space, business space or event? Or do you, as a professional tent rental company, want to buy a high-quality aluminum hall to expand your range? We are the tent sales supplier of the Benelux. We develop, produce and sell aluminum halls for events, business solutions and construction. In addition to our standard range and custom aluminum halls, you can also buy good quality second-hand aluminum halls from us. Come and visit our company location and experience the world of tents for yourself.

The benefits of an aluminum hall from Kontent Structures

  • R&D, engineering, production and assembly under one roof
  • Fast delivery due to ample stock and internal production
  • 3D visualisations of your new tent (with purchase)
  • High quality at a competitive price
  • VCA * and ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • More than 20 years of experience with aluminum halls

Applications alu-halls

Aluminum halls can therefore be used for many purposes. Because of the wide range of sizes, the available roof shapes and many different materials and designs, we make the tent accommodation completely to your liking.



Events and festivals
VIP accommodation
Work tent or construction tent

Temporary accommodation
Showroom and shop space
Exhibition & congresses
Sports accommodation

Additional features for a Marquee structure

When you rent or buy an aluminum hall from us, this basically concerns a ‘bare’ aluminum hall, with or without a tent floor. Of course there are still many additional facility matters, which we take care of in consultation and depending on your preferences:



  • Heating installation
  • Conditioning and/or ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Glass panels (possible horizonal or vertical)
  • Automatic roller doors or overhead doors
  • Collision protection
  • Safety features
  • Single or double doors
  • Flooring system


The dimensions of an alu-hall

Our range consists of aluminum halls with many different widths and lengths. Simply put, it’s all about the thickness of the aluminum tent profile used. The wider and higher the tent accommodation must be, the larger and thicker the profile used must logically be.



Width: aluminum halls are available in various sizes from 2 meters wide (the walkway tents) to 50 meters wide.

Under the `small aluminum halls`, the tent constructions are up to 10 meters wide, these fall under our ES 110 structures.

An aluminum hall from 10 meters wide is described as a large aluminum hall, and falls under our ES 170, ES 225 and ES 300 structures. The larger aluminum halls are available with a variable height, depending on the width of the tent.



Side wall height: the side wall height of aluminum halls varies by type and application, but is usually 2.30 or 3 meters for normal use. Much higher aluminum halls are used for trade fairs, large events, storage tents and semi-permanent applications.

All tent structures mentioned above are available as `A-frame` (pointed roof) and` Curved roof design` (arched roof).

Special tent structures

We also produce aluminum halls with a special roof shape, such as the PS 270 and PS 300. The polygon structure is characterized by its special, polygonal roof line and is available up to a span of 40 m wide. The polygon tent hall has a very large interior height, making the tent ideal for large events such as fairs, festivals or as sports accommodation.


Our festival structure 340 has a unique, drop-like roof shape. Here too, the interior height is enormous and the roof pitch is large. An eye-catcher at an event, but also surprisingly versatile as a business solution.

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